What is transparency? Why is it important. The Redesign holds it in high regard. We find it very important. We're not authorities, role models, or people you should base your life on. You've heard us say this before, and my money is on you'll hear us say it again. In fact the only person I feel you should base your life on is Christ Jesus. He is the only man who, when the veil is lifted, can still be seen as blameless. 

We as Christians put too much stock into our leaders and those we look up to. On even a personal level, I can say that, growing up in a Pop Punk/Screamo scene there were artists that I'd look up to due to their Christian profession. An excellent example of two of these bands would be Underoath and The Devil Wears Prada. They were openly Christian bands. You know what else they were? They were bands that openly drank and some of them smoked cigarettes. When I heard this my mind flew back and forth. "OMG, I can't believe they drink and smoke! I guess, they're not Christian anymore. How could they do that? Wait, they curse too! I guess the sin of the world was too strong for them to overcome." Does anyone realize how silly this is, but as Christians, we do this to ANY role model or leader that we have. Is there any wonder why 1 in 4 pastors suffer from depression. Not to mention, most pastors admit to feeling completely alone because if they opened up about their life, much of their congregation may leave!

This is so sad. How can a religion based on love and understanding condemn our own so harshly. The Bible itself, talks about the dirt on every religious leader we've ever had. David, is called, a man after God's own heart, and he committed adultery and MURDER! Moses lashed out at the people of Israel, and lost it a few times. Lot, offered his daughters to be raped instead of the two angels in Sodom and Gamora...same two daughters who btw, got their dad drunk and slept with him so they could have children. Jacob tricked his blinding father so he could get his older brother's blessing. I swear sometimes the Bible reads like a collection of who's who of human crap according to our standards. How little we learn!

Anyway, The Redesign wants to change this. We want to come from a 100% transparent space. We want you to know our crap, and we hope you air out your crap! Now this doesn't mean it's ALWAYS appropriate to tell EVERYTHING about yourself to ANYONE. Sunday dinner, may not be the time and place to tell Grandma that you're struggling with pornography. However if you're struggling with something seek help. And don't hold it against someone if they're struggling with something.

One thing transparency is not is a redemption card. Just because you are honest and open, doesn't mean that everything is permissible or automatically forgiven. Just because you tell someone you are struggling with porn, doesn't mean it's ok to watch porn. You need to pray on it and ask for forgiveness. 

Now I bet you're thinking "I wonder if he's going to confess anything..." Well, yes. I am. If you've been listening to the Podcast you know 2015 was a terrible year for me, and while I view 2016 as a year of redemption I can say that it started with the biggest and worst blow of all. My year started with my wife, Dana, deciding to end our marriage. I'm not going into detail due to her privacy, but I can say we both did certain things wrong. I value the 6 years we were together (2 year marriage) and I learned a lot. This is something that I am currently struggling with to the deepest darkest depths of me. Going into marriage, I did, and still do, believe that divorce is a terrible sin, and the literal ripping apart of the covenant one flesh God put together. I don't quite know where to go from here, but I trust God won't let me stray too far. Please pray for me and for Dana. And thank you for listening as we try to be as transparent with you as possible.

God bless and Later Days,

JD Alam