So let me start with some prospective! At Apple, we had something called Assuming Positive Intent. What this meant is that no matter the scenario we are going to assume the best in a person, so that's what I'm going to do. A girl names Alexis Bloomer post a video, click here to watch it. Alexis posted this video up after seeing two boys run past an elderly man without stopping to help him. This got her all fired up and she made a video about how terrible Millennials are. Now, she's gotten much praise, with many older people saying she's a forward thinker who should be a role model, and much hate, with people claiming she just wants attention and she picked on an easy group to pick on. Here comes the positive intent...I'm gonna say I believe her, and this was an on the whim post that she was on fire to get out. Now that being said, there is NO denying that this video was not thought out and scripted. She did NOT say this stuff in a who's line is it/improv manner. So after seeing it, I did what all of us Millennials do, I commented on Facebook about it. What I wrote below is that comment literally copied and pasted. I wonder if anyone read it. So, that being said, Alexis Bloomer, I challenge your video!


"There is so much wrong with this girls rant it's infuriating. It's the same extreme as the "feel the bern" socialist cropping up just swinging the other direction. As a STRUGGLING HARD WORKING millennial I'd like to speak against everything you just said for the millions of us who know where you're wrong. 

1. We are not just existing. We are hard working men and women who aren't being allowed to get a job because we're being forced to stay in school till we're freaking 30! You now have 2 types of people, those who went to college till they're 30, have $200,000 worth of debt and can't find a job, or the guys who didn't go to college who are, well let's just call a spade a spade, fucked! Maybe try your hand at a blue collar job! That'd be awesome if anyone was hiring. See in order for blue collar jobs to hire those older people have to be spending money on what the blue collar guys are selling, but we're in a recession. So we live at home till we're 30 because otherwise the countries poverty rate will skyrocket. I could spend more time on this subject but I'm gonna move on cause there is so much more to talk about. 

2. Manners, I don't even know what you're talking about because it's very rare for me to not hear someone say please, your welcome, or hold a door open for a lady. I always do so and most of, if not all the people I know do. I'm sure there are some men out there who don't but there always are, regardless of generation. I've seen many older men let go of the door when a lady is behind them and I've had many older man swing into my open door before me when I held the door open. 

3. This one is actually laughable! We listen to music that degrades women, glorifies drugs and crime. Can someone tell me what year Fat Bottom Girls came out? How about Purple Haze? How about Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds? Wait anybody care to take a guess at what year the popular opera tune La Donna è Mobile came out, which in case you didn't know translates into "Women are Interchangeable!" Congrats your bilingually stupid! And as for cursing...if you think we curse more than men and women in any earlier generation I urge you to watch some documentaries from LITERALLY any generation. And I'm just going to add this hear cause it's a short point but Bae is an acronym for Before Anyone Else...why is that less accepted than babe or bough?

4. Idolizing Kim K...damn who was that slutty blonde who is known for banging a president and is considered a role model for young women...oh Marilyn Monroe! As for Tim Tebow, Christians have been getting persecuted since we began sistah!

5. "We're entitled, we're lazy, we want free education but we're not willing to put in the work." Now I mean this from the bottom of my heart and I speak for all my fellow millennials paying $30,000 a semester to go to school, while working a full time job...SCREW YOU! I work 50 hours a week and go to school for my teacher to tell me I should quit my job and focus on school, while FASFA tells me I am granted no financial aid or scholarships because I'm a white middle class male in my 20's. This is what every millennial I know is shouting. Wake up. The system is broken! It's not the same as when you were able to go to school in the 60's and 70's for $500 a year! That's the amount I pay for my books! We are not entitled and lazy. We work hard! Just because certain luxuries like cars, Internet, and air conditioning is more accessible doesn't mean we work any less. Wasn't it the earlier generations that were able to back pack through Europe for a semester. That's a great idea...said no millennial EVER!

6. Standing up for something is making a status on Facebook...said the girl who made a video and posted it on Facebook...

7. Hey guess what! Stepping on our flag and burning it makes you a piece of shit! I believe this wholeheartedly. It's a good thing that nobody in the 60's ever did that, including one of our former Presidents!

8. We have more resources to succeed than any before us. Going back to earlier points I made this simply isn't true. We have an easier time learning, ON OUR OWN, how other people rose to the top. But there just isn't room for us. We have more resources that are near impossible to get because the generation 2 before us screwed it up. They're draining social security, they retired young, they imposed laws celebrating the spending above what you make, they caused inflation in ways that reverberated 50 years into the future. 

Alexis, I know you come from a good spot. And you believe what you are saying, probably because you're Republican parents said this very same thing, but if you are at all closed minded, like you are being, you will never truly learn more. Our generation is FAR from perfect but this depiction of us is a masturbatory rant from older men and women who seek to demean a following generation, in the same way our grandparents told our parents they walked to school uphill both ways. To say our generation is the first or even most prolific at propagating these acts is taking pride in ignorance. If you read this whole post thank you, you're that much wiser!"


Well, that was my rant! Maybe I'll post a video on Facebook about it. We'll see. Anyways, thanks guys.

God bless and Later Days,